WinAir has a long-standing history of supporting client success. We listen to our clients and remain committed to assisting them with reaching their operational goals. Here are a few kind words that we have received from our users:

“At Omni Helicopters International, airworthiness and safety are top priorities, which is why we trust in WinAir to accurately track and manage our maintenance data to ensure that our aircraft are always ready for the next mission. The software provides us with the ability to manage maintenance and inventory control with ease in an integrated system that focuses on regulatory compliance. As we broaden the scope of our services and expand our global operation into new regions, we are confident that with WinAir, we can continue to boost operational efficiency throughout all facets of our business.”

Grant Ireland, Director, Global Fleet Management and Engineering
Omni Helicopters International

“When we were researching aircraft maintenance software, we spoke with several colleagues in the industry, and time and time again, we kept hearing praise for WinAir. Once we demoed the product, we knew that WinAir was easy-to-use aviation management software that was powerful, versatile, and dependable. The fact the software follows a sequential workflow that is based on actual maintenance work steps speaks volumes about the company’s area of specialization.”

Joel Robert, AMO Planning and QA Coordinator
Sault College School of Aviation

“WinAir Version 7 goes above and beyond our requirements for powerful browser-based software, with comprehensive reporting functionality, and the ability to manage the complex variables associated with helicopter operations…”

Harvey Wolfe, Director of Maintenance
Delta Helicopters Ltd.

“We had four systems that were looked at seriously, but in the end we chose WinAir. This was in large part due to our confidence in the product, which was backed up by references that we spoke to in the industry. I would definitely recommend WinAir to companies seeking an aviation management software solution because they want to see your company succeed with the product and they will remain engaged with you to achieve that end goal.”

Daryl Dixon, Maintenance Manager
Thai Aviation Services Ltd.

“Implementing digital signatures will save more than 2,200 hours of labor and nearly $10,000 in labor costs and office supplies annually. We can take these savings and reinvest them into our program to continue providing exceptional care to our patients in Central and Northeastern Pennsylvania.”

Jerry Splitt, Program Director
Geisinger Life Flight

“WinAir is a well-thought out program from a company that is more than willing to listen to its customer base. It is easy to learn and offers rock solid performance and program reliability!”

Duncan Sharp, VP & GM
Voyageur Airways Limited

“WinAir has added tremendous value to our aviation operation by streamlining processes, expediting work steps, and establishing software controlled best practices across all departments.”

Jim Alexander, Vice President of Technical Operations and Director of Maintenance
National Airlines

“From our initial conversations with our DOM, we knew that we were dealing with an aviation maintenance software provider that had the knowledge, expertise, and experience to help us commence our operation. Hearing first-hand about the benefits of working with WinAir spoke volumes about the company’s focus on their clients’ success.”

David Dorrance, VP Corporate Development

“We reviewed all the software products we could find on the market at the time (1998). When we talked to other operators about what they used, we kept hearing about the AV-BASE Systems product (WinAir) and that the support was very good… This is still true today, as there is always someone to talk to when we need assistance.”

Darcy Garrett, Director of Planning
Air Spray (1967), Ltd

“I would recommend WinAir (and actively discuss with prospective purchasers) due to its ease of use, functionality, ability to grow with the company, and its cost-effectiveness.”

Barry Sims, General Manager - Airworthiness
Alliance Airlines

“Fabulous Support – both Tech and Sales. Day-to-day use is easy and to the point. The system often incorporates a ‘common sense’ approach that is methodical – i.e. it mimics how things occur in practical terms, both in the maintenance and stores departments. Reports are well received by Maintenance, Stores people, and Accounting departments alike.”

Sheryl Pfeiffer, PRMC
Wings Over Kississing

“Since working with WinAir, we have seen an increase of over 50% operational efficiency.”

Noni Motene, Technical Records Administrator
Capital Air

“Using WinAir to manage our maintenance/inspection schedule has enabled us to accurately forecast upcoming events easily, accurately, and efficiently. Overall, WinAir has proven to be a critical component to the successful management of our fleet maintenance programs.”

David Smith, Chief Inspector
Neptune Aviation Services, Inc.

“Prior to WinAir, everything was pen to paper; every piece of freight that went through and every ticket, all maintenance documentation, everything was written up. As we moved over to WinAir, it was the flow of the entire system that was a huge leap in the right direction for North-Wright Airways. This provided us with exactly what we needed to continue to grow our business.”

Jana Welsh, Quality Assurance Manager
North-Wright Airways

“Where the relationship with WinAir has proved valuable is in the ability of the customer to bring specific challenges forward, and work alongside the development team to come up with a customized solution to fit the needs of the operation.”

Derek Denolf, Maintenance Programs Manager
Calm Air

“The system is easy to use and the system developers are always available to listen and assist with any enhancements. Even when we have out of the box requests, WinAir representatives are always extremely helpful and accommodating. A great system is nothing without great support and WinAir delivers both.”

Tracey Watts, Quality Maintenance Manager
Premiair Aviation Maintenance Pty Ltd.