Heliops Package

Civil and military helicopter organizations require unique solutions to meet the definitive needs of their business. From law enforcement agencies to oil industry suppliers, medevacs, and more, heliops all require the ability to accurately and effectively track and manage their maintenance programs and inventory control, so that they can focus their efforts on what they do best—being mission ready. At WinAir, we understand the unique needs of helicopter operators. That's why we offer a Heliops Package.

Package Highlights

  • Fully browser-based software for instant access from the hangar or in the field
  • Update assembly changes simply and quickly
  • Manage complex counters, dynamic components, and variable cycles accurately and with ease
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry and manual errors with flight log integration
  • Save time and streamline processes by going paperless with digital signatures
  • Custom and All Inclusive options to meet your unique business requirements

This package is designed to be both flexible and scalable. It will seamlessly integrate with any sized helicopter operation, allowing you to grow your operation with the software and expand the scope of your services.

Tell Us More About You

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Improve Operational Efficiency and Ensure that You Are Ready for the Next Challenge


  • Effective compliance management
  • Streamlined maintenance scheduling
  • Efficient, methodical, and "True-to-Life" components tracking
  • Power to create user defined automated processes to eliminate manual inputs and the duplication of work
  • Ability to manage an unlimited number of aircraft

Simplified Processes So You Can Track Parts and Manage Inventory with Ease


  • Predefined tasks to ensure precision and reduce redundancy
  • Comprehensive and robust inventory control to ensure accuracy and maintain compliance
  • Integrated required parts workflow for increased visibility and easier decision making
  • Advanced queue-based work processing that directly aligns with industry best practices
  • Remote accessibility to guarantee system access for technicians in the field

Streamlined Invoicing and Reporting that You Can Rely On with All the Financial Data that You Require


  • Sophisticated purchasing, receiving, and RFQ Creation
  • Produce accurate and reliable financial reports
  • Export data to accounting software and integrate with financial systems
  • Detailed and precise transaction history records
  • Robust invoicing functionality—use billing codes, manage multi-currency pricing, apply mark-ups, administer variable labour rates, and generate invoices instantly

Robust Software Built on a Foundation that You Can Trust


  • Accurate and expedited data migration
  • Unparalleled ongoing customer service
  • Fully browser based software—data accessible using internal and external network connections
  • Increased role-based navigation and index page summaries
  • Software ease of use, simple navigation, and comprehensive search functionality
  • Data loss prevention functionality to ensure that information is never lost

Increased Efficiencies and Expedited Processes to Improve How You Manage Your Business


  • Seamless integration with your operation
  • Solution scalability to accommodate for growth 
  • Proven experience and thorough industry knowledge  
  • User access to real-time and integrated data to keep you up to date at any moment
  • Software accessibility worldwide using any internet connected device

Why choosing WinAir is right for you.

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"We had four systems that were looked at seriously, but in the end we chose WinAir. This was in large part due to our confidence in the product, which was backed up by references that we spoke to in the industry. I would definitely recommend WinAir to companies seeking an aviation management software solution."

Daryl Dixon, Maintenance Manager
Thai Aviation Services Ltd.

Keys to Success

Comprehensive Needs Assessment

Tailored Software Package

Customized Training and Implementation Plan

Dedicated Project Management Team

World Class Client Support

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