Our Company

The Leader in Aviation Management Software

AV-BASE Systems, Inc. has been developing and supporting structurally integrated and cost-efficient maintenance and inventory control systems for over 25 years. Our first application, the DOS-based AV-BASE, was a true pioneer: it was one of the first digital record-keeping and live inventory management systems in the aviation industry. With the arrival of the Microsoft Windows® operating system, AV-BASE evolved into the popular WinAir program. WinAir’s scope and capability satisfy users at all levels. Its success is due to our dedication to both the product and clients, as we offer frequent improvements and new features in response to feedback from our customers.

Our Mission

To be a world-class leader of aviation maintenance solutions. We will provide dynamic products and first-class services, and always do so using the latest technology.

Our Values

Our values determine the direction of our organization:

  • Customer satisfaction is paramount.
  • Our professional, personable, and highly motivated staff respect and support each other in accomplishing our goals.
  • We strive to be the best in all we do, and to never stop improving.

Our Goals

Happy Customers – AV-BASE Systems will ensure that every customer is getting the most from WinAir, and that each interaction is a positive one. We will follow up on questions and concerns and make you our number one priority.
Continue to Build an Amazing Product – We will continue to research, develop, implement, and improve upon the product you’ve become familiar with over the years.
Growing Customer Base – We will make every effort to follow up on leads and educate potential customers on the benefits of WinAir.
Well-trained & Extraordinary Staff – AV-BASE Systems will carefully select the brightest and most experienced people in their given fields. We will provide our staff with extensive WinAir training so they will have a client’s perspective on how it’s used, and we will continue to train them as the product evolves.
Foster Strong Culture – Behind a great product and a successful business is a great working culture. AV-BASE Systems will continue to provide professional development as well as team-building activities for its staff.

Quick Facts

  • Year of incorporation – 1997
  • Headquarters – London, Ontario, Canada
  • Business focus – Aviation Management Software
  • Number of Employees – Over 45 development, product support, and sales staff.
  • Awards and Recognition – City of London-Featured Company Award presented by the London Economic Development Corporation (LEDC).
  • 14,000 end users – Airlines, MROs, corporations, EMS, forest protection, etc.
  • 9,000 aircraft being managed by WinAir.