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The World’s Most Produced Helicopters Infographic

Infographic showcases world’s top 10 most produced helicopters based on total number of aircraft built to date


The World’s Most Produced Helicopters Infographic was compiled using data obtained via Wikipedia’s “List of most-produced rotorcraft” article. It highlights the world’s top 10 most produced helicopters ever, starting with the Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk at the #10 position and running all the way through to a decisive and somewhat expected, #1. It is interesting to note that the world’s most produced helicopter, which has a commanding lead over the #2 ranked helicopter on our chart, is currently still in production.

Additional information pertaining to the aircraft’s nation of origin, production period, and product manufacturer are displayed in this graphic. Photo credits for each helicopter presented in this infographic are catalogued at the bottom of the image.

For easy reference, an abbreviated top 10 world’s most produced helicopters summary is included below the infographic.

(Click on the image to zoom into the material)


World's Most Produced Helicopters Infographic


Top 10 Most Produced Helicopters Summary



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