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WinAir CAMO Package

Why would a CAMO want WinAir?

Continuing Airworthiness Maintenance Organizations (CAMOs) require unique solutions to manage aircraft airworthiness and maintenance programs. Since compliance, accuracy of data, and instant access to information are of the utmost concern, CAMOs need a software solution that is all encompassing and able to easily integrate with their current business model, and other software programs. Whether you own and manage your own aircraft fleet, or offer aircraft maintenance services on behalf of your clients, being able to effectively track and manage your maintenance information is crucial to the success of your business. That’s why we offer a WinAir CAMO Package – to satisfy the exclusive demands of the CAMO market.

This package is ideal for CAMOs that offer aircraft management services, or organizations that simply just need a robust maintenance tracking software solution. The WinAir CAMO Package offers all the essential features and functionality that CAMOs require to reach their operational goals. When new features are required, CAMOs can simply elevate their package to add new features and functionality.

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CAMO Package Features

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“WinAir brings added value to standard business processes throughout our Maintenance Organization with a methodology that cleverly follows actual process steps. With WinAir we can expand our operations and processes alike.”
Eugene Wandrag, General Manager

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