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The Top 10 Most Produced Aircraft Infographic

Infographic released to coincide with “Aviation History Month”—image features world’s Top 10 most produced aircraft in terms of overall number produced


For those of you who are unaware, November is “Aviation History Month.” Each year, aviation operators from around the globe, take to social media to celebrate the aviation industry’s past, present, and future, using the hashtag #AviationHistoryMonth. In honour of this momentous occasion, and due in part to the popularity of our recent World’s Most Produced Helicopters Infographic, we’ve developed the Top 10 Most Produced Aircraft Infographic. This image was created using information obtained from Wikipedia’s “List of most produced aircraft” article.

The infographic showcases the world’s top 10 most produced aircraft, beginning with the Soviet-built Polikarpov Po-2, and progressing downwards to what most will assume is #1. In addition to total number of aircraft produced, the graphic contains data on nation of origin, production period, manufacturer, and includes a brief mention of any additional information. It is remarkable to note that the majority of the aircraft on this list were produced during the WWII-era. Also worth pointing out is the fact that the #1 most produced aircraft on this chart is currently still in production—and based on current demand, this will likely continue to be the case for decades to come.

For quick access, an abridged list of the top 10 most produced aircraft is located below the infographic.

(Click on the image to zoom into the material)


The Top 10 Most Produced Aircraft Infographic


Top 10 Most Produced Aircraft Summary



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