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WinAir Highlighted in CTV News’ London and Area Works News Program

Lights, Camera, Action: WinAir highlighted in CTV News’ London and Area Works television news program—segment aired during evening news broadcast and on the CTV News website

Global leader in aviation management software thrilled to have had the opportunity to discuss the company’s history, product, and future growth plan in this business news spotlight


London, ON, Canada – February 12, 2019 – WinAir is excited to announce that the company was featured in CTV NewsLondon and Area Works business news segment during their 6 o’clock evening news program on Monday, February 11th, 2019. The video of this broadcast and the corresponding article are currently available on the news division’s website. The video includes an interview, conducted by CTV News London Reporter, Celine Moreau, with WinAir Managing Director, Kyle Vergeer, along with footage of members of the WinAir team in their daily work environment.

In the interview, Kyle discusses the establishment of WinAir in the 1980s. He reveals that WinAir’s original software was developed by its owners, Bert and Helen Vergeer, to satisfy their need for a digital solution for tracking aviation maintenance work steps. At that time, Bert Vergeer was an AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineer) and Helen Vergeer was a software developer. The solution that they created purely out of necessity would grow into the world’s most trusted software platform for tracking and managing aviation maintenance and maintaining inventory control.

“We are delighted to see WinAir highlighted by CTV News in the London and Area Works segment of their evening news broadcast,” says Kyle. “It was a pleasure to converse with Celine about our company’s success, latest product developments, and vision for the future. We are anticipating significant company growth over the coming years and look forward to continuing to expand our global footprint from our home base in London, Ontario.”

In terms of their solution, Kyle explained that WinAir focuses on helping aviation operations become more efficient while remaining compliant with industry standards and regulations. He acknowledged that the software is extremely user-friendly and that this is something that clients have come to enjoy. In addition, he explained that the software stores all maintenance requirements, is able to handle complex aircraft and configurations, and that it can predict when maintenance is coming due (based on aircraft’s flying configuration).

With respect to the company’s plans for the future, Kyle disclosed that while WinAir remains committed to serving the needs of medium market airlines, charters, special mission markets, offshore oil and gas companies, and helicopter operators, the company is poised to scale up its business to target larger aviation operations. As a result, the company will ramp up production by adding new staff to its workforce of over 50 team members. This additional manpower will assist WinAir with continuing on its current growth path.


CTV News’ London and Area Works business spotlight on WinAir is out now! Watch the video and read the article online today and then contact us to speak with a member of the WinAir team about your specific requirements!




About WinAir:

Based in London, Ontario, Canada, WinAir has 30 years of experience as a leader in aviation management software. Companies rely on WinAir to efficiently and effectively track and manage aircraft maintenance and inventory control. WinAir is proud to lay claim to hundreds of installations at aviation-specific organizations worldwide. From airlines to heli-ops, law enforcement agencies, oil industry suppliers, MROs, CAMOs, medical evacuation response teams and more, businesses using WinAir regard the solution as a necessary component to the successful management of their fleet maintenance programs.



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