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Multiple Training Methods

WinAir implementation specialists and trainers are available to provide initial training during system installation and setup. Trainers are also available to train new employees or provide recurrent training to help you get the most out of WinAir as you continue to develop your proficiency.

In-depth training provides a thorough understanding of WinAir, including maintenance and inventory procedures and functions. Trainers will also look at operator-specific issues and align workflows with WinAir. Training sessions can be customized to meet special client requirements and schedules.

Depending on the software and subscription program that you choose, AV-BASE Systems offers on-site, classroom, and interactive online training. No matter which training method you choose, you get first-rate instruction from trainers with aviation and software experience.

Become WinAir Certified

winaircertificateTraining is essential to learning to use WinAir to its fullest advantage. Our expert trainers facilitate effective knowledge transfer from our organization to yours.

Why earn a Certificate of Training? Advanced training in WinAir distinguishes you as a knowledgeable, skilled, and committed professional, thus improving operational procedures and best practices.


Interactive Online Training

Often referred to as a virtual classroom, our newest and most popularWinAir training method delivers courses via the Internet. With this interactive online approach, you learn from your own computer while speaking directly to a WinAir trainer on the phone.

Joining an online training session does not require any special setup, additional hardware installations, or travel arrangements.

Classroom Training

Classroom training sessions at AV-BASE Systems’ office in London, Ontario, Canada are scheduled at various times throughout the year. This training method offers a detailed, hands-on approach to learning WinAir.

Visiting our office for classroom training also provides you the opportunity to meet other operators and compare procedures.

On-site Training

With this approach, a trainer comes directly to your facility and provides customized training and implementation assistance tailored to your needs. This option is highly recommended for clients with large or complex training requirements.

Online Training Videos

AV-BASE Systems offers training videos which can be downloaded and viewed online. These videos cover the functionality of specific areas of WinAir.