World-class Aviation Management Software


Maintenance Management that Makes Sense

WinAir offers aircraft operators of all sizes the ability to manage maintenance and control inventory in one integrated system while improving their overall workflow.


Maintenance Schedule Templates

  • Add aircraft quickly and easily to maintenance schedule templates, reducing omissions and errors.
  • Define maintenance requirements for specific fixed-wing or rotary aircraft type, including inspections, components, AWDs, and service bulletins.
  • Perform maintenance scheduling for each aircraft based on predefined maintenance schedule templates.
  • Add various custom counters for each aircraft.
  • Link tasks and sub-components into assemblies; remove and install entire assemblies.

TechnicalĀ Logs

  • Generate future maintenance forecasts and compliance reports based on your latest log entries.
  • Track components whether installed, in stock, or out for repair.
  • View unlimited history of issues, returns, purchases, repairs, installations, and removals for every component.
  • Write completed tasks to electronic technical logs.

Production Control

  • Generate work order tasks automatically from the maintenance scheduling system.
  • Attach part requirements and maintenance documents to scheduled tasks, and print task cards for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.
  • Capture the costs of parts and repairs associated with any aircraft to an internal cost centre.
  • Keep scheduled and unscheduled maintenance costs separated, customize fleet reports, and track deferred maintenance.
  • Create and track repair orders sorted by vendor, part number, serial number, or repair order number.

Work Order Control Reports

  • View all production activity in the work orders and tasks for a specific aircraft or cost centre department.