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Inventory Control

Track Parts Anywhere

When parts are received in WinAir, they are assigned unique batch numbers. By accessing the batch number, you can view the PO, vendor, packing slip number, date received, current location, quantity, shelf expiry date, and cost associated with the batch.

With full traceability, you can even determine where the part is located (in service, in stock, out for repair, or on the bench) and perform many other useful functions in real time.

Purchasing and Receiving

  • Produce packing slips when selling parts or returning parts to a vendor.
  • Create separate purchase orders for maintenance, operations, and administration.
  • Requisition and approve parts for tasks, and add parts to your purchase order.
  • Receive parts and produce a materials receiving report for accounts payable.
  • Apply credits for parts returned but already invoiced.

Asset Management and Stock Activity Reporting

  • Manage assets for multiple inventory bases in multiple currencies.
  • Requisition parts for specific jobs.
  • Track part allocations, part exchanges, and freight expenses.

Inventory Reports and Cost Reporting

  • Produce accurate reporting for cost and sell prices, and eliminate cost averaging.
  • Generate multiple inventory reports for value, expired parts, and min/max.
  • Capture outstanding costs for materials purchase orders, and adjust costs for work in progress.
  • Invoice customers before an aircraft leaves.
  • Generate receiving reports summarized by base.