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Web Maintenance

Note: WinAirWeb Maintenance is included in the core functionality of WinAir Pro-SQL and WinAir Enterprise. Web Maintenance is a separate and optional module for WinAir Express.

Web Maintenance is a user-friendly web application that is specifically designed for maintenance technicians accessing WinAir data from remote bases. Users can search, create, print, and edit task cards, request and requisition parts, and generate the Future Maintenance Forecast report for each aircraft.

Features and Benefits

Remote access: Access Web Maintenance from remote bases via an Internet connection.

Work with tasks: Generate tasks for scheduled and unscheduled work, print task cards, complete tasks in progress, enter corrective actions, follow up on deferred tasks; follow the same WinAir task production workflow that you would use at your main base.

Centralized real-time data: Work in real time with different bases; work order and task information is automatically updated in both WinAir and Web Maintenance.

Task analysis: Review task details and status.

Parts search: Streamlined part availability, including alternates and substitutes.