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Labour Management Module

The Labour Management module enables users to pinpoint labour costs by task or personnel to ensure that all labour is accounted for. This module is standard for Enterprise and optional for all other WinAir editions.

Features and Benefits

Compare estimated time and actual time spent on a task: The estimated hours field is populated from the task card.

Itemize your labour: Track labour hours and cost for a specific work order and task (includes regular and overtime details).

Track unbillable labour: Allocate hours for non-aircraft related tasks; record overtime, breaks, sick days, holidays, training, and more.

Flexibility at invoice level: Edit labour hours during invoice preparation.

Reporting Capabilities

Track work in progress: Reports on costs to date.

Wide range of reporting capabilities: Choose from a variety of reports showing itemized records or daily totals by personnel, aircraft, or cost centre.

View all entries for a particular employee: Select a Personnel ID and enter a date to display all relevant entries.

Individual work history report: This report provides a practical history of all the work performed by an individual within a specified date range based on aircraft type, tail number, or ATA.

Labour x 2 overtime: Provides the ability to record double-time hours and charge them at a separate rate.

Labour hours: Enter time cards by Total Hours instead of Time In and Time Out.

Labour breakdown: Provides the ability to further display the labour details on your aircraft invoices by skill type.

Real-Time Labour Tracking

Real-Time Labour Tracking, a web-based time-tracking system, allows WinAir Pro-SQL and Enterprise users to accurately and effectively record time cards. Customize your hangar with stationary and/or portable kiosks to initiate a simple yet organized method of managing time, costs, and productivity.

Solution Highlights

Real-Time Labour Tracking allows you to streamline production and stay on top of your operational costs. Your technicians can simply scan a bar code to track all their individual labour and associated tasks from creation to completion. The crew chief is able to quickly review the collected data, make any necessary adjustments, and submit directly for billing in real time. As a manager, you are in control of your maintenance facility even remotely via a user-friendly web interface!

Know what is going on in real time with the status of every aircraft in your fleet, right down to the tail number, task, and associated costs.

Features and Benefits

Billing accuracy: Improve billing accuracy through automated labour tracking.

Instant executive summaries: Access real-time information about personnel availability and work completion.

Reduced idle time: Spot delays before they happen. Analyze and compare actual time worked versus estimates.

Improved planning: Plan and monitor work in progress more effectively.

Real-time monitoring dashboard: View the fleet status and personnel at a glance; increase employee performance and accountability.

Live time-tracking interface: Quickly record time on the go: eliminate manual typing, reduce input mistakes, and save time and money with bar code scanning.

Ease of Use: Get up-to-speed quickly with the intuitive interface and simplified process.

Input Kiosk

There are two simple ways to implement the Real-Time Labour Tracking solution in your facility, one of which is using an input kiosk. Collect your data using a dedicated kiosk-style computer with a bar code scanner. Employees can check in or out using a touch screen display or by scanning printed labels with special bar codes that you affix to the regular monitor; it will take seconds for your employees to scan task cards as they go.

Our module will do the math while you concentrate on your planning and management activities.

WinAirWeb Workstation

The other way to implement this solution is by using an existing WinAirWeb workstation and accessing the Time-Tracking form through a web browser:

  • At any time of the day, get an instant snapshot of personnel allocation and availability, as well as work completion.
  • Review tracked time by personnel status, technician crew, or employee.
  • Check work completion by base, aircraft type, aircraft tail, work order, or task.