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Document Management Module

The Document Management Module allows you to attach or link documents and information from a variety of external resources to associated WinAir windows. It is commonly used to reference such items as release certificates, service bulletins, custom check sheets, IPC diagrams, photos, and websites. This module uses and provides increased functionality to the Documents tab, which is located throughout WinAir in many convenient locations.


Document links and attachments may be added to all major sections of WinAir, such as the following:

Personnel: Licences, certificates, training records

Vendors: Capability listing, websites, audit reports

Customers: Account statuses, websites, correspondences

Master Parts: IPC diagrams, SBs/ADs, modifications, photos

Inventory Batches: Release certificates, strip reports, packing slips

Maintenance Program: Detailed requirements, engineering drawings, approvals, procedures

Work Completion: Signed task cards, photos, x-rays, completed check sheets


Links can be used to provide access to important web resources, intranet, or shared network drives, and do not require any IT setup.


Create electronic documents and store them in a secure and centralized location. Browse and attach any file types, such as PDFs, text documents, spreadsheets, photos, and audio files.

Implementation Impact

Save the forest, go electronic: No need for paper copies of documents.

No more miscommunication: Rely on the source document, not word of mouth.

Store critical documents: Safely store electronic copies of important documents in a centralized location.