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Bar Code Module

The Bar Code module replaces the manual data entry processes for inventory tracking with a fast and convenient bar code system. With the ability to affix bar code labels directly to your stock items and scan these labels, this time-saving module ensures that your inventory items are traceable and organized.

Features and Benefits

Unique bar code: Print a unique bar code label when you receive materials, exchanges, or repairs, transfer parts base-to-base, or return used parts from an aircraft.

Reduce manual keyboard entry: Speed up inventory processes and eliminate data entry errors.

Precise part identification: Quickly identify a part with inventory bar code labels to help during the following:

  • Preparation of sales packing slips, vendor returns, warranty returns, or core return packing slips
  • Base-to-base transfers
  • Part history/research

Informative labels: Identify stock items with comprehensive information. Each bar code label is legible and precise with a standardized layout. Bar code labels enforce uniformity, standardization, and precision, leading to enhanced organization and efficiency in stores and other stock item processes.

What’s in a Bar Code?

Each WinAir bar code is unique to the batch traceability of a single component, consumable item, or collection of consumable items. In addition to the unique bar code, each label also displays specific information, such as the following:

  • Part description
  • Part number “controlled as”
  • Part number “received as”
  • Expiry date
  • S/N (rotable)
  • TSN/CSN/LSN/TSO/CSO/LSO (rotable)
  • Purchasing history
  • Traceability batch number
  • Inventory location
  • Batch quantity
  • Condition (rotable)
  • Maintenance Release (rotable)

Each unique WinAir bar code label records all this information and makes it available with a single scan!

Bar Code Supplies

The Bar Code module is designed to work with specific industry standard bar code hardware. AV-BASE Systems can supply the required bar code printer(s) and scanner(s), or you have the option to purchase the specified hardware on the open marketplace.

Scanners: The standard bar code scanner has a USB cord connection. A cordless model with recharger stand is optional.

Printers: The standard configuration is a thermal transfer bar code label printer connected directly to a WinAir workstation (see Options 1 and 2 below). Users of the Bar Code – Network Printing module have the option to use network-capable bar code label printers (see Option 3 below). These optional printers use an integrated Network Interface Card (NIC), which allows unlimited configuration choices to satisfy your organization’s requirements.

Order Bar Code Supplies

Setup Options

Each of the following setup options have the same scanning capability. A scan of a stock item label simplifies the issuing process by presenting detailed part information. Add additional scanners to other WinAir workstations to improve efficiency and the accuracy of stock movements.

Option 1: Single printer version [entry level package - BCK-01]

Setup overview: The single printer version provides everything required to use the module.

In the receiving process, the single printer version prints the same size (large format) bar code label for both consumable and rotable stock items using a single bar code printer connected to a WinAir workstation.

The single printer version provides full bar code and scanning functionality with lower hardware costs and the simplicity of one label size.

Option 2: Dual printer version [convenience package - BCK-02]

Setup overview: The dual printer version adds the convenience of a small-format consumable label.

In the receiving process, the dual printer version adds a second bar code printer to the system, allowing WinAir to print labels to the dedicated consumable (small format) label printer or the dedicated rotable (large format) label printer. Both printers use a local print connection to a single WinAir workstation.

As consumable items generally require less information and are often affixed to smaller stock items, you can use smaller labels which reduce the overall costs.

Option 3: Multiple networked printer version [system-wide package - BCK-03]

Setup overview: Used in conjunction with the Bar Code – Network Printing module, this version allows maximum flexibility to match any organization’s complex inventory bar code label printer requirements.

Local (cabled) connections are replaced with network-enabled connections. Multiple WinAir workstations may now share a bar code label network printing location. Unlimited bar code label network printing locations may be defined on your network in either single or dual configurations, allowing greater system-wide participation. You can also have multiple printers in different locations.

Inventory stock and rotable component movements may now be controlled with greater accuracy and ease. QA or Inspection may now generate updated rotable component bar code labels quickly and easily as required.