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Accessible Information

AV-BASE Systems provides product documentation in the form of user guides, WinAir Help, and other documents specific to certain topics, situations, or products.

Searchable Knowledgebase

The Knowledgebase is a library of WinAir documents in PDF format written by experienced technical writers. The documents, covering a broad range of topics in straightforward language, can be searched using an intuitive interface.

Support notes: Explain WinAir functionality, recommended practices, and general “how to” topics.

Module documents: Describe optional WinAir modules that add extra functionality to suit your operation.

Online Help

WinAir Help provides relevant information so you can quickly learn more about what you’re doing or solve a problem you encounter. You can search for relevant information by keywords, or use the Table of Contents or Index. Step-by-step procedures walk you through the performance of tasks, while plain language, graphics, and diagrams explain complex terms and concepts. Useful links to related information are also provided.