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Client Services

Ongoing Support

AV-BASE Systems recognizes that one of the most important aspects of software provision is the level of customer service available to clients. We continually strive to offer a high level of support throughout all stages of WinAir use.


Our subscription program offers WinAir at exceptional value: minimal up-front costs; stable monthly payments; no annual renewal fees; maximum software flexibility. This program also provides you with the opportunity to upgrade your WinAir edition to align with your growing business.

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A disruption to productivity is unacceptable when migrating to a new software system. WinAir is installed and your data is converted while you continue to work using your legacy system. When the time comes to go live with WinAir, your latest data is added to WinAir and you seamlessly pick up where you left off.

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You will receive thorough training from experienced specialists before beginning to use WinAir, but this isn’t your only opportunity to learn from WinAir’s experts. Recurrent and new employee training is always available, whether online in a virtual classroom, in-house at AV-BASE Systems, or on site at your facility. Online training videos are also available at all times should you need a refresher. Become a certified WinAir user and get the most out of WinAir for your company.

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Technical Support

WinAir’s Technical Support team is experienced and ready to help you with issues related to WinAir. Our Incident System allows you to submit an issue to Technical Support; this system enables collaboration between departments and an open line of communication to you. While other methods of contacting Technical Support are available should the situation warrant immediate communication, the Incident System provides you with the most tools and the clearest visibility of incident resolution.

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Your partnership with WinAir includes immediate access to detailed and helpful documentation. The WinAir Help system is always at your fingertips and provides instruction and explanation for every aspect of WinAir. For further reading or more in-depth topics, access the online Knowledgebase which is a library of support notes and module-specific documentation.

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